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Work Visa

New Zealand has a fast growing advanced economy and welcomes thousands of temporary and permanent workers and residents to its shores each year. The country’s amazing scenery and welcoming and divers population make it a dream destination for people who want to achieve a better work-life balance (The UN ranks New Zealand sixth out of 187 countries on its latest Human Development Index).

Everyone who wants to work in New Zealand and is not a New Zealand citizen or holds a New Zealand residence visa needs to have a valid work visa. If you do not wish to settle in New Zealand permanently  you can apply for a temporary work visa. This type of visa is broken up into several categories and lasts between nine months and three years (Essential Skills, China Special Work, China Skilled workers, partners of New Zealand citizens or residents, partners of people holding a work visa current for more than six months, partners of student visa holders, specific purpose or event)

If you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer you may be able to get a temporary work visa under the Essential Skills work category, (lasting up to three years), as long as the New Zealand employer can prove that there are no New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders available to do the work offered, or if your occupation is included on the current Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) or Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL).

The temporary work visas are for people who:

To find out which visa is the right one for your individual circumstances, please fill out our free Assessment Questionnaire form online OR download the pdf and email/fax it back to us.

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