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Visitor Visa - Visiting New Zealand

To discover New Zealand or visiting friends and family you may need to apply for a visitor visa if you intend to stay temporarily in New Zealand, but you do not intent to study or work.  If your home country is on the so-called visa-waiver list, you can enter New Zealand without a visa, depending on how long you want to stay. If you are not from a visa-waiver country you will need a visa, to travel to and stay in New Zealand.

The type of Visitor Visa you apply for is dependent on the intentions and reasons for visiting New Zealand. For example, if you are a Grandparent of a New Zealand citizen or resident you can apply for a Grandparent’s Visa which allows you to stay in New Zealand for a total of 18 months over a 3-year period.

When you apply for a visitor visa, we need to prove among other things to the Immigration New Zealand that:



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