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Skilled Migrant

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) offers people the opportunity to move to New Zealand to work and live there permanently. It is a point-based system that provides a residence status for New Zealand for those migrants who have good English language skills and have work experience and/or qualifications wanted by New Zealand.

A minimum of 100 points is required before the applicant can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).  If an application has at least 140 points then that application will be automatically selected for the next stage of assessment. If an application has between 100 to 139 points then that application will only be selected if it meets specific criteria. The amount of points being awarded is based on different factors relating to your skills, qualifications, work experience, and if you plan to come to New Zealand with a partner, also on your partners qualifications. Even though the points system is a straightforward process, it is often difficult to find the best way to obtain the optimum amount of points. That is why we think it is essential to have your eligibility assessed by a licensed immigration advisor to avoid costly disappointment.

For assistance with issues relating to The Skilled Migrant category, or if you wish to have a free initial evaluation of your chance to become a Skilled Migrant, please fill out our free Assessment Questionnaire form online OR download the pdf and email/fax it back to us.

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