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Immigrating to a new country is a very exciting experience but can sometimes be a daunting and time consuming process. We at Kiwi Immigration provide services that allow you the freedom to focus on the excitement of immigrating to New Zealand, to prepare yourself for the tasks ahead. Our firm specialises in providing expert advice and representation to those looking to apply for a New Zealand visa to work, study, invest or live in New Zealand.

We provide immigration services at competitive prices and help you navigate through New Zealand’s  complex immigration system with our knowledge, training and experience. We are here to assist you from start to finish, whatever your immigration plans may be.

While it is possible to prepare and submit your own work visa or permanent residency application to Immigration New Zealand, it is necessary to consider that there are literally numerous of visa options available to work, live, study or invest in New Zealand. Determining which one is right for you and/or your family or business is only the first step in the process. A successfully prepared application requires the full understanding of New Zealand immigration law and the way it is applied by the authorities.

We at Kiwi Immigration Ltd. only provide immigration services through a licensed immigration adviser. To use an immigration consultant who is licensed by the Immigration Adviser Authority is absolutely essential, as applications submitted or prepared by unlicensed and not otherwise authorised consultants may be declined.
Licensed Immigration Adviser

Work Visa:
The New Zealand work visa program is specifically tailored to encourage individuals with specific skills and capabilities to migrate to New Zealand to improve New Zealand’s economy and work force. A work visa can be obtained through an employment offer by a New Zealand based company or on relationship grounds (partner of a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident).

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Permanent Residence:
New Zealand is a fantastic place to live, work and raise or start a family. It is a secure, green and clean country with a thriving economy and a pleasant climate. To become a Kiwi and call New Zealand home, there are several pathways to a permanent residency. Skilled workers and professionals are selected as permanent residents based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English, and other criteria that have been proven useful for new immigrants to become economically and socially established in New Zealand. Permanent residents and their family members can live, study and work in New Zealand.

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Student Visa:
New Zealand continues to be recognized as a provider of world-class education to its international students who come to study in New Zealand’s leading Universities.The Student visa allows foreigners to engage in further studies in New Zealand either in an academic or vocational sector, thus bringing their rich culture, expansive knowledge and varied skills to New Zealand.

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Visitor Visa:
We provide expert advice to people planing to visit New Zealand or people who are already here in New Zealand and wish to extend their existing visitor visa or want to convert their visitor to a work or permanent residence visa.

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